Development Notes

Animal Worker for FS19: Current release is v2.3 with development under way for 2.4. One major feature yet to be added is the animal production sales (i.e.: wool, milk, manure, slurry, eggs); plus additional languages. A possible consideration is horse breeding, but not until 2.5 mostly likely.

Update on 2.4: 2019 July 07
Development slightly delayed due to travel. Expected release 12 July for V2.4.

Updated Language Files: 2019 July 05
Here are corrected and added language files for Animal Worker 2.3:
Note The Russion translation was made by ZIK and uploaded to another site/forum. Thanks for the contribution (next time email it to me please, lol).

Russian: modDesc_l10n_ru.xml
Dutch: modDesc_l10n_nl.xml
German (corrected): modDesc_l10n_de.xml
French (corrected): modDesc_l10n_fr.xml
Chinese: modDesc_l10n_cs.xml

Download (from link) then put in your folder here:
C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator19\mods\

Animal Worker
Version 2.3

NEW Now with horse training and notifications. Hire a Ranch Hand to tend to all animal needs while you farm.

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